TravelPony Mobile App Review:

In the past, we’ve found some great hotel deals with the TravelPony website. TravelPony tends to have amazing deals on higher end and mid-level hotels that bring the better places into our budget level. So, we were excited when TravelPony reached out to us to review the new TravelPony app, which would definitely make booking a hotel on the go a lot easier. We reviewed the TravelPony app over the weekend and can definitely say that it’s a keeper. With a straightforward front end and the header “1Deal – Per City, Per Day. While They Last!” you quickly realize that it’s exactly that. One deal per city, per day, and that it’s a first come, first served type of thing. The TravelPony app isn’t just last minute booking app. Sure, you can book a hotel at the last minute, but you can also search The TravelPony app for hotels far into the future.

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