The Best Savings on Upscale Hotels

Style Blue Print talks about TravelPony’s best savings on upscale hotels. The Best Savings on Upscale Hotels gathers the best prices for a variety of hotel rooms and uses social media sharing as it’s only advertising tool (which means all the costs associated with typical marketing get passed onto us as added savings). To access the discounted rates, you need to be become a member, but it’s free — TravelPony just needs you to sign up with an email and password, or join through your Facebook profile. Members are encouraged to tell friends about their travel deals via social media as a way to help TravelPony grow and, thus, provide even more travel deals. The site allows you to search for a destination city and travel date and then pulls up a list of properties partnering for a deal at that time. Hotels fall into either the “Standard” or “Upscale” category and sort out by percentage of savings.

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